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10 Ways to Save Money before Month End

Let’s talk about some easy ways to start saving money; perhaps you have paid an unexpected bill or maybe you are close to running out of money before the end of the month and need to reign in your spending. Taking control and Saving before Month End could mean that next month is more successful.

Let’s get started!

As with most things in life, the more you can organise yourself ahead of time the better. Also, the chances are you already have a lot of the things you need to STOP spending.

1. Make your hot drink, breakfast and lunch to take with you on your morning commute. Even if you are working from home if everything is arranged for you then it is quick in the morning. Your future self will thank you!

2. Create an Inventory list of all the food you have in the house. This will give you an idea of whether you actually need to food shop or if you could make do for a couple of days, maybe even a week.

3. Meal Plan. This will take away thoughts and decision making out of your day, you could browse pinterest for ideas. Focus on your Inventory list and see how far you can stretch your supplies. Remember these are already paid for. Good food will be motivating in your goal of not spending until Month End!

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4. Consider Volunteering with your local Community Larder or even Foodbank. Often times to stop wastage volunteers are able to receive goods. A great way to spend your time without spending money.

5. Look at your diary, have you got any more events coming up? Think about whether it is worth attending? How will you feel overcommitting? For the sake of that feeling of dread knowing you don’t have enough money to make it to Month End.

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6. Create a budget, find out from your online banking exactly how much you bring in and exactly how much you spend. This doesn’t need to be a bad thing, a budget ensures you spend money in line with your goals and not just in the moment.

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7. Categorise your spending so that you know where your money is being spent. Think about whether these purchases are making you happy? Can you see a pattern where you are frittering money – what else could you do with that time?

8. Get into the habit of turning off lights and any electrical appliances as they are not in use. One for your future self again, but less money out in bills means more money in your account.

9. Invite friends to do free activities, a lot of city museums are free or by donation. Invite them to your home (and make an amazing slow cooker chocolate cake) if you are comfortable. Everyone is seeing prices increase right now and you don’t really know another’s financial situation, be the penny pinching pioneer of your group of friends. I am sure you will all be happier in the long run!

Taking Care of yourself is important too…

10. Get walking! Depending where you live this may not be so practical, but a shorter ride is usually cheaper – walk the last bit for exercise and money saving!

Whilst all these 10 ways to save money before month end ideas take time and will rely on you implementing them to save those pennies, they are worthwhile activities. You can take control of your spending and create a happier life for yourself.

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