Save Money Gardening

These are LCSH’s 3 top tips to save money gardening. Gardening can be an expensive hobby if you don’t have a plan before you start out. If you are a spontaneous person then you might be better collecting things as they become available so that you don’t have to spend money in the long run.

Save money gardening

Reuse anything you can find

Reusing pots from the garden centre will save money gardening, often they can be found on freecycle or facebook marketplace for free. Even if these are plastic pots, they can be used for plant starts and potting on depending on the size. When you are first getting started it is not so important how things look but that you have made a start. Once you are in a gardening frame of mind the possibilities will be endless!

Check out Play Days and Run Ways for ideas on taking little ones out.

save money gardening

Investment pieces to save money gardening

Anything that you do decide to invest in make sure it is well thought out and planned. For example, if you decide to landscape your garden and therefore want to install a path make sure you have drawn out an idea on paper. Ensure you have thought about your family’s needs, the sun and shaded parts of the garden; even ponds or water features. That way, when you come to install the path you can accurately calculate the quantity of materials needed. At this point, you must make sure the material you pick is durable and will last. Composite Decking boards are made from recycled materials as well as coming with a much longer guarantee than wooden decking boards. Alternatively paving stones are slightly more expensive than gravel but much easier for children to use bikes and scooters on.

save money gardening


Take Cuttings! Watch videos on youtube about how to propagate plants from cuttings. You can easily build a garden in this way. It will certainly take patience and time for the cuttings to grow and fill out into the garden. But it can be done. This can be incredibly therapeutic and become part of a mindful calming exercise. Once you understand how to take cuttings this can be a great source of gifts. It does mean another use for your pots! Hopefully these 3 tips save money gardening.

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