making money

So this post is all about the ways we can make a bit of extra money a month from home. None of them will make you rich but once they become a habit and even part of your routine, you can net yourself a decent amount extra each month. If you can add these habits to your money saving efforts you will see your budget improve quite quickly. You may even find these things interesting to do and therefore enjoy your frugal changes!


If you only find yourself with a few minutes spare each day then this is where I would start. Prolific is excellent for mainly short surveys that help to inform people’s research whilst they are at university. Rewards range from £6 per hour to £15 per hour, this all depends on the survey and how long it takes. This information can be found on each study though so you can pick and choose what you take part in. As with anything academic, there will be quiet times and there will be manic times! Don’t let it put you off if you sign up and struggle to find a study to complete.

You can receive the payment directly to PayPal once you reach the minimum payout of £5. You could leave the money in PayPal to let it accumulate for Christmas or another need so that you don’t have to pay out of pocket for these expenses.

Attapoll is similar and StormGain lets you mine bitcoin for free – you just have to manually remember to do it!

Making money


This is the slowest way to bring in money but potentially the most lucrative. Depending on how much time you have available, blogging could be a great creative outlet whilst earning some extra pennies.

We love the work Emma Drew does with her blogs. She shares so much information that I am certain there will be an option for you with regards to blogging.

Joining a group can also help with finding your feet when you first start out, they can provide motivation and inspiration.

making money


If you have a skill – usually a Language, that you feel you can teach then joining a website such as Super Prof or Tutor Hunt will give you a platform to sell your skills from.

Alternatively, if you have the inclination you could also look to build your own course. This could go hand in hand with running your own blog. Creating content and a course in a specific skill set you have can be very lucrative.

Receipt saving

The idea of receipt saving apps is to give you tokens that lead to discounts or cash for shopping that you have already done, or have chosen to do based on the offer in the app.

Sometimes these apps will reward you more for reviews of products as well, but for the most part you are basically getting something for doing very little. Often you can trade the tokens to use on Amazon or other online stores. Which again, could be added to your Christmas or gift sinking fund to enable you to free up the money you would have used for presents into another area. Or if things are that tight, enable you to gift to others where you wouldn’t have afforded it before.

making money

Sell unwanted items

As always, a good declutter can lead to inventory to move on! Planning to have a clear out at strategic times of the year – before a birthday, christmas or New Year. Can lessen the feeling of continual decluttering. But still be worthwhile.

Selling via Vinted, FB Marketplace or even a carboot sale can release the money from your clutter. It is always worth investigating an item if you think it may have value before chancing it. You wouldn’t want to miss out!

7 Ideas to Make Money as a Stay At Home Mum

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