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7 Ways to Reduce Your Food Budget whilst Feeding a Family. Not as easy as the title makes it seem! However, trying to reduce your food budget is such a worthwhile endeavour, you can save money and food waste which in turn helps the environment. As well as your bank account!

1.This may be the most obvious suggestion – but Switching Shops, can be an instant win! It could also give you a few new things to try. Downgrading branded items is also another instant win and again, even if you find things you can swap and certain things you absolutely couldn’t give up. At least you know you are getting value for your money.

2. Bake your own snacks. Pinterest has a tonne of ideas for frugal snack for children’s lunch boxes, snacks to pack for the office and even tea loaves for visitors. Setting aside an hour to prepare snacks will save so much money. This also cuts a lot of nasty ingredients from preserved packaged goods.

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3. Use your Community Larder – to stop food waste. All through the pandemic local communities organise themselves to stop letting so much food heading to landfill. Do a simple google search for “Community Larder near me”. There are apps such as Too Good To Go, Olio and certainly others that might also be active near you. A lot of time this can breads, cakes and bakery items that cannot be sold the next day. Perfect for a picnic or unexpected treat.

4. Investigate your fridge before shopping. Goes hand in hand with creating a list before you shop. Knowing what you actually need rather than fancy means you have a game plan. 5.

5. Leading into Meal plan! Knowing what meals you have the ingredients in for is better than nothing. Even if you switch your meals around in terms of days, as long as you make them (and freeze if necessary) then you will still save.

6. Use the same core ingredients in different ways, for example, stretching a pack of bacon across Carbonara and Risotto keeps your costs down whilst still enjoying ‘normal’ food. Try using a pair of scissors to chop the rashers into small pieces and everyone will feel that they have more.

7. Shop the sales/Offers. The new Lidl’s App is great for weekly money off coupons. If you are buying the items anyway, saving 15-20% means it worth looking at the coupons before shopping so that you can check your store cupboards. Whenever the football is on, the weather is warm or any other marketing reason to spend money, there will be offers. It is worth shopping around and keeping an ear to adverts.

Bonus! Remember to freeze any leftovers for a speedy microwave meal when you need it! This will stop you buying takeaway or always ensure you have at least something to eat.

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