Welcome to Life Changing Side Hustle!

LCSH is home to sharing tried and tested ways of coping on a budget. Imaginative ways to stretch your money so that you can save more or pay off debt quicker. Maybe ends just aren’t meeting and things are costing more than they once did. So you have to budget smarter and potentially try and earn more money.

Paying down debt or saving for a big purchase can be a long process. However, LCSH would argue you can actually find a happier, more contented and cheaper way of living by embracing Frugal.

Historically, second hand was the way to go. Then disposable income per family increased as the UK developed and more people were able to attend University. However, I think peoples priorities are changing. No one WANTS to be held a prisoner by their job/bills/responsibilities. Not when they do have a choice. The majority of people have to earn something to get by, but the lower that amount is the less money and stress it takes to get by.

I do believe we do ourselves and our children a disservice when budgets, spending and priorities aren’t discussed at home. I believe any family can change their future in a short amount of time using a good chunk of determination.

My hope is you find something of use here for your journey.