frugal fun at home

These are some ideas to bring frugal fun home! It is really important to enjoy life whilst living on a budget and free entertainment at home means you can stay on course to achieving your goals. It is also certainly easier to encourage family members to follow the plan when they are having family fun! Here are 4 Frugal Ideas for Fun at Home:

Minute to Win it Games!

Spending time with extended family can be costly, depending on the size of your family. However, using pinterest to search for Minute to Win it Games I am sure you can pull together an enjoyable evening for everyone. Some of these games barely need any resources, often, any that you do need are household items.

I really encourage you to plan an evening with friends and these games to prove to yourself just how much fun you can create at home for not a lot. Children love games with adults and once everyone gets involved you will all make lovely memories.

frugal fun at home

Online Game tournament

Sometimes, only a screen will do. Using a website like can bring amazing family time to your home. Taking in turns and keeping a scoreboard can give you the fun as well as space to talk with other children. This could be even more amazing if you have a projector to share the screen with the family. Having little prizes might also make things extra engaging for everyone. It is even possible to pick an educational game as the family focus. With so many games the winner could even get the pick for the next Online Game Night!

frugal fun at home

Board Games

Board games and Puzzles can be purchased second hand in charity shops or car boot sales. Some Local community groups often share/loan puzzles and games as part of an outreach project. Unless it is a family classic, most board games are only played a couple of times before they are put to the back of the cupboard and forgotten.

frugal fun at home

Movie Night

Frugal idea for fun at home number 4 is of course, Movie night. Movie nights are always a success, you can borrow DVD’s from the library or again pick things up cheaply second hand through facebook marketplace, car boot sales, charity shops or gum tree for example.

As with any of these ideas, snacks will always make the experience even more fun!!

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