no power entertainment

Unless you are enjoying life from a disconnected corner you will have seen the current disruptions of Energy – fuel for cars but also to our homes. Prices are rising and companies are going bust. Now is a great time for everyone to take stock of their preparedness in their home. I don’t mean to sound dramatic but if you are ready for an emergency, maybe that emergency won’t happen to you. Or perhaps your preparedness will just keep morale that bit higher in your home that things don’t feel like a disaster.


This is something I haven’t particularly gotten myself into, I love a good math equation but I have yet to spend time figuring this one out! No power entertainment might mean you learn how to complete a soduku with help of online tuition before it becomes something you enjoy doing. However, there are a number of studies that show keeping your wits about you can help slow down the aging process.

no power entertainment


Another game that might take some practice before being able to play without the power and using cards. However, this site has so many card games to learn that could then be played without using the internet. An amazing resource to add to any prep list. The children can even join in and I am sure they will overtake in the skills department! Card games are great ways to introduce math concepts and team skills without children even noticing. Sharing a screen and using the online games on would also make for a great family night of entertainment. Adverts are kept to a minimum and therefore safe for children to use.

no power entertainment


An oldie but a goodie! Again, you will find them as an option on the site. But you can also take them as inspiration and create your own. Using the online version gives children the ability to make mistakes without them being reminded by rubbings out or crosses. As an adult the topics are endless and I am sure you will never do the same crossword twice – unless you wanted to!

No Power Entertainment takes preparation because these ideas do rely on previous knowledge. Not to mention makes life so much easier with the information it is providing. I do believe it is worth spending time to learn some games that could be played without relying on the internet because you never know when you might need some light entertainment!

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