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This is the age old question right? How to stay frugal when you want SPEND! You’ve designed your budget, you’ve minimised every expense. You are living on the least amount of money possible right? Honestly, the answer is going to be different for different people but here are 4 ideas to help.

Join a Frugal Group

In this post pandemic world the ideal place to find your tribe is Facebook. Facebook is full of great support groups you just need to find the one that clicks with you. Here are some of our suggestions:


The Diary of a Frugal Family

My Second Hand Life

Equally you may be lucky to find support in the form of others, in person even! In this post we suggested volunteering with a Community Larder or Local foodbank in order to enjoy any spoils. However, this is also a great place to make frugal and likeminded friends. Spending time (online or in person) with people on a similar journey to you will motivate you and give you tips for how to enjoy the path you have chosen.

Save Money

Take photo’s of things you want

Take a photo, use a notebook app or even a real life pen and notebook to record every purchase you are tempted to make. Record the shop and the price. At the end of the month have a review, how much would you have wasted? How much have you thought about any item on the list? Did you find an item was needed and so made it to the ‘Look out for’ list?

Unless you are focussed on reducing your outgoings and mindful of all purchases money will fall through your fingers. This isn’t just about money though, think of the waste. Waste of your money and therefore time to earn that money. Waste of the world’s resources if you change your mind or don’t use the item to its full potential. No one is perfect, this is a continual process. Bringing awareness to your spending will bring more contentment with what you already have and ultimately, that is the goal.

Save Money

Search the Hashtags

Instead of shopping on your phone, instead of mindless scrolling. Use instagram or another platform that allows you to search by hashtags.

#debtfreecommunity #frugalliving #debtfreeliving

Explore them. Find influencers that aren’t just about selling you things but actually provide content that enhances your life. There are so many people out there sharing their stories and becoming less wasteful with their money that something will certainly inspire you. You could even find a new side hustle for yourself!

Save Money

Increase your Fun Money

Oh a controversial one! Now, this assumes you have tweaked your budget to nth degree and know every outgoing is at its lowest. You have an in-depth understanding of your personal finances and can therefore quote your debt free date. Alternatively, you could be saving for a long, long, long term goal and it is imperative that you stick to your plan. A worthwhile budget is a personal plan for your money.

If your life just isn’t worth living with the current rate of deprivation you feel then action really must be taken. Accept that it could take an extra 3 months before your debt free date for an extra £50 a month in fun money. If that makes you stick and finally become debt free then it is worth it.

If you are just trying to pay down debt as quickly as possible and with a bare bones budget, you really want to turn it into a challenge. Making your efforts seem extra worthwhile.

Staying frugal when you want to spend is a choice. Sticking to your budget is working towards a better future. You are worth it! It is something only you can do for yourself but it doesn’t have to be a lonely journey.

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