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Could you be Successful as a Lifestyle Influencer in 2021?

Lifestyle Influencer

Have you ever thought about blogging? As a side hustle? Or just as a hobby even? Wondering if you could be successful as a Lifestyle Influencer in 2021? Firstly, decide what successful means to you and grow from there. Everywhere you look on Pinterest are articles, courses, podcasts and groups designed to support you to grow a blog baby of your own.

Lifestyle Influencer

Recent rise in Lifestyle Influencers

A potential positive coming out of the pandemic, I believe, is that it really highlighted the need for more than one income stream. Relying on a day job just isn’t as secure as it was for our parents or grandparents. Being furloughed, redundancies and shortages have caused life to become slightly more uncomfortable than it once was.

Everyone has a different experience and view of life, writing a blog is a great way to share that. Sharing isn’t for everyone, think about your knowledge and education. Could you create content from that point of view? This is where the term Lifestyle Influencer comes in – talking about all the facets that interest you in one place.

Lifestyle Influencer

Reality Personalities as Lifestyle Influencers

Most ‘normal’ people who are on the television these days have an ulterior motive to just taking part in whatever show they have joined. These people may think they need to build a a large Social Media following in order to monetize their audience and become an Influencer. Who can blame them really? To do this successfully can mean they have a job with a decent income, divided into streams and even passive income streams to set them up for life.

However, you don’t! Depending on your income goals you can monetize the most basic of audiences. There are a lot of resources out there to help you increase your following without the need for an appearance on a show. Although I am sure building an audience has also helped others to get their shows!

Lifestyle Influencer

Trends for Lifestyle Influencers

Now is a great time to attempt blogging! With Christmas coming the ideas for content on any angle are vast. The majority of retailers are also aware that Traditional Marketing just isn’t providing the same Return on Investment it once did. Consumers want to feel like they are a part of the company, they want to relate to values and share in the story telling process. This is great news for Lifestyle Influencers and the way they build relationships with their audiences. As marketers move towards working with Micro/Nano Influencers, the opportunities to use blogging as a side income will increase. Therefore, if you are concerned about not getting enough traffic to actually make any money know that the number of Lifestyle bloggers increase year on year. They can’t all be blogging as a hobby!

As a baby step to getting started I suggest following Lifestyle Influencers you admire on Social Media, experience the campaigns they create and promote. In summary, yes, we believe you can be successful as a Lifestyle Influencer in 2021. You just have to get started!

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