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5 Thoughtful Tips for Saving Money Everyday

1) Buy Generic instead of name brand products

Generic products are usually much cheaper than name brand items, but sometimes may be of lower quality. Some people are hesitant to buy generic products because they think that the product is not as good if it doesn’t have the same brand name. Perhaps try a few downgrades at a time and see what you find – you may find products that HAVE to be branded and others that you taste/see/feel no difference with. Therefore, switch these. You’ll never know what you can discover – like Non-Alcoholic Cocktails!

save money

2) Shop at a discount grocery store

When you are shopping for groceries, there are many factors to consider. For instance, you should try to shop at a discount grocery store that is close to your house. This way, you can save time and money. It’s also important that the grocery store offers fresh produce and a wide variety of products. Remember to shop with a list and know what you already have in. If you don’t enjoy meal planning then stick the similar ingredients from a recipe list.

3) Cut cable TV and use online streaming services

Cutting cable TV is a financially sound decision because you can save money and use the time for other things. There are a few major companies that offer streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime. These are all great choices for entertainment and they are relatively cheap. Alternatively, find a side hustle to help pay down any debts or increase your savings. Try to make it fun so that you look forward to it, rather than it being a drag.

save money

4) Cook at home more often, stop getting take away or eating at restaurants!

A lot of people buy take out because they don’t want to cook or because they want to enjoy a good meal while doing something else. Other people cook at home more often because it’s cheaper and healthier. Consider what needs using up rather than letting food go to waste.

In general, cooking at home is cheaper than eating out. Depending on where you live, the cost could be anywhere from £5 per person for basic ingredients to around £10 for a fancier night with leftovers. That means that if you’re cooking for two, it’ll cost you about £30 for a week of dinners compared to around £100 or more if you go out every night! What’s more, there are also a number of health benefits associated with cooking at home rather than eating out.

save money

5) Use public transport instead of driving, at least consider walking and saving the petrol.

Public transport can be a cheaper and easier alternative than owning a car. It may take more time, but the time saved from not having to deal with traffic can be worth it. The benefits of using public transport are saving money on fuel, being environmentally friendly, and getting exercise.

Creativity is often sparked by walking. It helps the heart and overall fitness. Walking to work also kills a few birds with one stone – saving money, saving the planet, fitness as well as the mental health benefits. Definitely worth considering!

Depending where you live you could even combine the walk with a treasure hunt or litter pick!

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